How to Play Disc Golf

Disc Golf-Learn How to Play & How to Improve Your Game

If you need to learn how to play disc golf and you need to learn fast, continue on.┬áDisc Golf has been played for over 100 years. It’s popularity has increased over the years leading many to check out this game in which both young and old can enjoy. The rules are similar to golf, which make it easy to understand at first. However, like golf, there are many tricks and disc golf tips in order to get your game up on top.

The Game of Disc Golf

A disc golf course is set up like golf in that there are usually 9-18 “holes” or targets. Players, stand at or on what is known as a tee. A tee can be a flat piece of concrete, a board, gravel, etc. But it marks where the player should stand and aim his disc at the target.

How To Play Disc Golf

Standing on the tee, a player starts his turn by throwing the disc at the target. Whether playing with a small group like 2-3 people or with a larger group like 5, the play of the game is the same. How so? Each player first takes his turn throwing the disc from the tee. After each player has thrown, the player with the disc farther from the target gets to throw next, etc. The round is finished after each player has successfully thrown his disc into the target.

Disc Golf Scoring

Such as with golf, each throw is counted as a point. For example, if it takes a player three throws to get the disc into the target, that player counts 3 points for that round. Moving onto the next round, the player with the fewer points from the previous round goes first. Whoever has the least number of points in total at the end of the game wins.

Grab That Disk

Here is where the game gets more complex, instead of just one kind of disc allowed to the finish the course, there are actually a wide variety to choose from. Though all can be summarized into 3 basic categories.

  • Putters
  • Drivers
  • Mid-range

Each has a certain purpose and trick when, if used correctly, can give a player his lowest score possible in the game.

Putters can be described as the grandfathers of all discs. Meaning that they are precise, designed to fly straight, and are normally predictable and slower than other discs. These discs can be used when the player is closer to the target providing a greater chance for the disc to get in.

No, this isn’t driving Miss Daisy. But these discs punch on the gas and put the peddle to the meddle. They are designed to travel at longer distances with greater speed. This makes them the perfect disc for starting off a game from the tee. But be careful not to throw it too hard, or it will be lost to Timbuktu. Disc golf drivers are essential to your game.

All Purpose Mid-range Disks
These discs are literally all purpose. Designed to be fast and stable, these discs get farther than putters but could even be used in replacement of drivers.

Tricks of the Trade

Now, here are some disc golf tips that will help no matter what rank you are. First of all, with many different brands and types of discs, its confusing to know which one is best for you. Here is a breakdown : There are a number of certain plastics used to make the discs.
For beginners : Discs such as DX, J-Pro, Pro-D, X-Line, & R-Pro from brands like Innova Disks and Discraft are great starters for beginners because they are cheaper. Cons : these plastics are less durable.
However, when eventually you want to up your game, you can go for Champion, Titanium, FLX, and Star, made by the same companies yet they offer more durability and the best quality.

Every professional athlete has a trick up their sleeve to make their game better right? Well, just like many of the other sports, disc golf is all about technique. Whether you are left handed or right handed, there are various throws you can practice and perfect. However, because there are many different throwing techniques, there are also many arguments about which one is better. So find the one that is best for you and go for it. Though the main throws are the backhand and the forehand.

Stand with your legs apart, side facing the target. Hold onto the disc with the desired hand, left or right. Reach your arm holding the disc back. Keep your hips locked in place until the final point when you let go of your disc then release. This allows for greater thrust to hurl your disc. Keep your eye on your target. Keep weight on the back foot and switching the weight to the front foot when you release the disc.

Also known by other names such as sidearm or flick. This throw also starts with the side of your body facing the target. Bend your knees slightly and lean back. Let your shoulder drop allowing the hand holding the disc to relax back. The hand holding the disc and the corresponding foot turn towards the target. For example, if you are holding the disc in the right hand, the right foot should turn at the same time. As you turn halfway, snap your wrist in the direction of the target.

Tip Number 1:
Aim is key. Wherever you focus your aim, whether it be on the chains or the middle pole, keep your eye on the target.

Tip Number 2:
Practice makes perfect. Sounds simple right? But this is the most important thing to do to improve your game. Set up some targets and practice different throws, and navigate around the obstacles.

Now you know the basics and have the understanding of how to play disc golf. Go play and create some tips of your own. Make sure you check out some good disc golf bags as well.

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