The Best Disc Golf Putting Drills

Best Disc Golf Putting Drills

Becoming a great disc golf player takes a lot of practice.  You will have to master many different throwing techniques and learn how to control different types of discs.  You will also have to learn how to read a fairway and identify potential hazards.

One of the quickest ways to improve your game is to perform drills.  You can practice a specific type of throw multiple times in quick succession to improve your accuracy, power, and technique.  By regularly performing drills, your throws will become more reliable and you will shave many strokes off your game.

This article will focus on what is arguably the most important throw in disc golf — the putt.  We’ll share a few general disc golf putting tips and detail three of the best disc golf putting drills.  Let’s get started!

Why is putting so important in disc golf?

There are a few reasons why working on your disc golf putting skills is so important:

You will perform a putt every hole
Disc golf holes range in length from 250 to 1200 feet.  The length will vary based upon the skill level of the course and its design.  Some holes will require you to use a distance driver when teeing off while shorter holes will only need a mid range driver.  However, every hole will use a putter when you reach the basket.  If you can master this essential shot, you will greatly improve your game.

If you aren’t accurate at the hole you can waste many shots

There is nothing worse than throwing an immaculate approach shot, then making a mess of the putt!  Don’t be one of those people to spoil an excellent drive by having to throw two or three putts!

Learning putting skills makes you better at approach shots

Becoming a good putter requires excellent accuracy and a good sense of how much power you are putting into the disc.  These skills also come in handy when you are throwing approach shots.

General disc golf putting tips

Here are a few general tips to keep in mind when performing your drills:

Try different putting styles
You may have noticed that experienced players use multiple putting styles.  Sometimes they will throw putts with a lot of spin to stabilize the shot and help it float gently to the basket with a mild curve.  Other times will push the putt directly at the basket with little spin.  You should try different putting styles to see which one feels the most comfortable and gives you the most consistency.  Common putting styles include:

  • Spin putt
    This is the most common way that putts are thrown because it feels natural.  You simply throw the putter like you would a frisbee.  The spin will help stabilize its trajectory.  The downside of this throw is that it can be less reliable because you use more parts of the body when throwing.
  • Push putt
    At the other end of the scale is the push putt, which is a throw that uses as little spin as possible.  Take a firm grip on the disc and driving your body forward, push it at the basket.  Many professionals swear by the push putt.  Here is a short video demonstrating the difference between a spin putt and push putt.
  • Turbo putt
    A turbo putt involves throwing the putter overhand.  You will place your thumb in the middle of the bottom of the disc and your fingers on the rim.  It looks similar to the motion of throwing a javelin.  This putting style comes in handy when you have obstacles in the way that prevent a standard putt.  Here is a short video of the turbo putt in action.
  • Straddle putt
    A straddle putt uses a different stance to other putts, allowing you to throw the putter from between your legs.  It can be thrown with or without spin.  Here is a short video demonstrating the straddle putt.

Plan your putt

Before you throw a putt, think about the various factors that will affect your shot, including:

  • Hazards and obstacles
    Take a look at the basket in front of you and think about the hazards and obstacles surrounding it.  Do you have an unobstructed shot?  Enough room to move?  Are there hazards behind the basket you will enchanter if you throw the disc too far?
  • Wind
    Although wind won’t affect a putt as much as a drive, it can still make a difference.  Spend a few seconds evaluating the wind’s direction and adjust your shot if necessary.
  • Elevation
    You will also have to adjust your shot if you are higher or lower than the basket.  If the basket is on a hill, there is also a chance it could roll away, so consider using a lower velocity.
  • Choose a line for your putt
    Do you have a straight line to the basket or do you need to gently curve it?

Develop a pre-putting routine

Developing a routine that you adhere to before every putt can improve your putting reliability.  It will also help you focus and ignore any distractions.

Disc golf putting drills

Here are a few useful disc golf putting drills that are guaranteed too improve your putting game!

Putting form drill

This is a beginners drill that you can use to improve your form when push putting.  You can repeat it until setting up for a putt becomes natural. Set a marker 15 yards from the basket.  Walk back to the marker and set yourself up for a putt with the following in mind.

  1. Keep your shoulders square towards the basket.  This is important because turning your shoulders will make you more likely to throw the putter instead of putting it.
  2. Choose a stance that feels comfortable.  Ideally, your stance won’t be very wide or a very narrow.  The leg on your non-dominant side should be behind, so if you throw with your right hand, have your left leg slightly behind.
  3. When you throw, focus on performing a weight shift.  A weight shift involves moving your entire body forward as you throw.  It helps you add some power to your putt.  Bending your back leg (leg on non-dominant side) so your body is leaning back before launching yourself forward.  The further back you are from the basket, the more you should bend.
  4. Bring the disc down to crotch level as you crouch back, then propel yourself forward to throw

This drill is about perfecting your form, so throw the putter from the same distance at least 50 times.  Recording footage of your throws can help you identify any issues with your form.  Check out this excellent clinic, where professional disc golf players Ricky Wysocki and Paige Pierce explain their putting technique.

Basic Range Building Drill

This basic range building drill will help you improve the consistency of your putts and add some range to your putts.  You will require at least 3 putters that are as identical as possible, a target (ideally a disc golf basket), and about 35×8 feet of putting space.

Start by marking lines every 5 feet from the 10 feet mark out to the 35 feet mark.  Stand at the 10 foot mark and attempt to land all three putts.  If you successfully make all three putts, move out to the 15 foot mark and try to land all three again.  If you are successful, keep moving away from the basket until you reach the 35 foot mark.  If you fail to land all three discs, move 5 feet closer to the basket.

Advanced Range building drill

This drill will help you build even more consistency.  It is perfect for warming up before a match or for regular practice in your backyard.  Similar to the basic rage building drill, you will require at least 2 putters that are as identical as possible, a target, and about 35×8 feet of putting space.

Again, we’ll mark off distances from the basket in 5 feet segments, starting at 10 feet (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 feet).  These segments can be in a circle around the basket or in a straight line from the basket.

Start at the 10 foot mark and attempt to make 10 putts in a row, throwing every disc you have.  After you make the 10 putts, move to the 15 feet mark and do it again.  Continue doing it until you reach the 35 feet mark, then go all the way back into the 10 feet mark.  Landing 10 in a row may become challenging when you are further away from the basket!

During this drill, focus on maintaining your form and using your pre-putting routine.  Perform the drill using the same putting style for each shot so you can improve the reliability and accuracy of specific throws.

Make sure you check out some of the best disc golf putters.

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