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MVP Proton Medium Ion Putter Rating: 4.8/5 Softness: Medium Color: May Vary Extra features: Beaded Manufacturer: MVP Disc Sports Cost: $$
Gateway Band Stamp Wizard Disc Golf Putter Rating: 4.4/5 Softness: Firm Color: May Vary Extra features: Grippy surface texture Manufacturer: Gateway Cost: $
Dynamic Discs Classic Hard Judge  Rating: 4.2/5 Softness: Firm Color: May Vary Extra features: Classic plastic Manufacturer: Dynamic Discs Cost: $$
Innova XT Nova Paul McBeth 4x Signature Disc Rating: 4.3/5 Softness: Firm Color: May Vary Extra features: Soft rim and firm disc plate Manufacturer: Innova Cost: $$
Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Rating: 4.5/5 Softness: Firm Color: May Vary Extra features: Beaded Manufacturer: Innova Cost: $
MVP Proton Medium Ion Putter Gateway Band Stamp Wizard Disc Golf Putter Dynamic Discs Classic Hard Judge Innova XT Nova Paul McBeth 4x Signature Disc Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach
Rating: 4.8/5 Rating: 4.4/5 Rating: 4.2/5 Rating: 4.3/5 Rating: 4.5/5
Softness: Medium Softness: Firm Softness: Firm Softness: Firm Softness: Firm
Color: May Vary Color: May Vary Color: May Vary Color: May Vary Color: May Vary
Extra features: Beaded Extra features: Grippy surface texture Extra features: Classic plastic Extra features: Soft rim and firm disc plate Extra features: Beaded
Manufacturer: MVP Disc Sports Manufacturer: Gateway Manufacturer: Dynamic Discs Manufacturer: Innova Manufacturer: Innova
Cost: $$ Cost: $ Cost: $$ Cost: $$ Cost: $

Best Disc Golf Putter

If you have developed a passion for disc golf, you aren’t alone!  Its popularity is rapidly growing across the United States.  It combines the best elements of traditional golf with the athleticism of ultimate frisbee.  Disc golf is also a great game for enjoying the great outdoors and improving your fitness.  The best part is that disc golf can be played by people of all ages, so you can play it with the kids or your older parents.

If you have decided to purchase your first set of golf discs, you might be a bit confused by the many options on offer.  The number of materials, colors, weights, and designs is extraordinary.  This article aims to simplify the process of choosing a disc.  We will share some tips on buying a disc golf putter and showcase 5 of the best disc golf putters available.

What Is a Disc Golf Putter?

Think of golf discs as you would golf clubs.  Each type of golf disc is designed for certain types of shots.  They have unique characteristic that produce different flight paths.  Some golf discs are designed to be thrown long distances, while others are made for short range throws.  Some discs are made to have a natural left or right curve when thrown, which helps you throw around obstacles, while others are made to fly straight.  The four main types of golf discs are:

Maximum distance drivers
These discs are designed to be thrown long distances.  They have an aerodynamic design, with a sharp edge and thick rims to cut through the air.  A skilled player can throw one of these discs as far as 400 feet on a good day!  While these discs can travel long distances, they can be difficult to control.  Novice players may struggle to remain accurate with a maximum distance driver.

Control Drivers

As the name suggests, control drivers give the player a little more control over their long distance drives.  They have slightly thinner rims than a maximum distance driver, which gives you more control over your shots.

Midrange Discs
These discs have more rounded edges which makes them slower than a driver.  They are extremely controllable and can easily be thrown in a straight line.

Putt and Approach Discs
These are the slowest flying discs, with an extremely rounded edge and thick body.  They almost always fly in a straight line when thrown, which is perfect when you are making a shot at the basket or throwing an approach shot.

They can vary greatly in design, with some disc golf putt and approach discs having a flat top and others having a grippy surface.  The disc golf putter resembles the old school frisbee you might have used as a kid, but they are smaller in diameter.  It is easy to predict where a putt and approach disc will land when thrown.  Some players even use putt and approach discs for short drives where there are many obstacles to the left and right.  

What Should You Consider When Buying a Disc Golf Putter?

Here are a few things to consider when buying a putter for disc golf!

What material is it the putter made from?

The material used to make a disc greatly impacts its flight trajectory and overall durability.  It can also affect how the disc feels to hold in your hand and how easy it is to release the disc at the right time.  There are dozens of plastics to choose from, ranging from basic plastics that are soft and flexible through to premium plastics that have incredible durability.

Most disc manufacturers have different categories to describe the plastics used to make their discs.  For example, Innova has three categories — CH (Championship plastic, very durable), PL (Pro plastic), and DX (Economy plastics).  The more expensive products will retain their flight characteristics for a longer period and are more durable.  DISCRAFT has four categories for their plastics (from most expensive to least expensive) — ELITE 2, ELITE-X, ESP, PRO-D.

How much does the putter disc weigh?
The weight of a putter disc can affect how far it travels and how it feels in your hand.  Most discs weigh between 150 and 180 grams, with putters usually on the heavier side.  If you are playing competitively, you will only be allowed to use putters with a max weight of 175 grams.  Heavier discs tend to be more stable, which is useful in windy conditions.  However, many novice players find lighter discs easier to throw.  If you are new to the game, you will have to compromise between ease-of-use and stability.

What color is the putter disc?
Disc golf putters are available in hundreds of different colors.  You should think about the type of terrain you play on before choosing a disc color.  For example, if you play on grass, a white disc might be fine.  But if you sometimes play on snow, you will obviously risk losing it!  You should also think about the colors of the existing discs that you have.  It’s usually a good idea to use the same color for the same types of disc, so you can quickly putt the right disc from your bag.

Does the disc have any extra features?
Some putter discs have extra features that can be useful on the course.  Here are just a few:

  • Buoyancy
    Some discs can float in water, which can be useful if there are water hazards on the course.  However, it can also be bad in some situations.  If it lands in a fast-moving stream your disc will quickly be swept away.
  • Beaded
    Some putters have a bead around the rim of the disc.  This can help it maintain its trajectory for a longer period.  It can also give you more grip on the disc.
  • Glow-in-the-dark
    Some discs are glow in the dark, which makes them easy to find in low light conditions.

Your skill level
Some discs have characteristics that make them more effective but harder to use.  For example, a maximum distance driver can be thrown over huge distances, but it is hard to throw in a straight line.  If you are just starting, choose discs that are easy to handle!  In disc golf, the disc’s stability is used to describe how easy a disc is to control.

The Top 5 Best Putters For Disc Golf

Here are 5 fantastic putters for disc golf!

MVP Proton Medium Ion Putter

The Ion Putter is an excellent choice for players of all skill levels.  Available in one of four weight ranges (160-175 grams), you can find the perfect weight for your skill level.  It offers excellent controllability with a long glide time thanks to the GYRO™ Technology (dual polymer construction).  This disc has a medium stiffness.  Colors may vary.

Gateway Band Stamp Wizard Disc Golf Putter

This is a very affordable putter that is perfect for players new to the sport.  It has a soft rubber grip over a firm disc.  It weighs 170-176 which is a good weight for new players.  Available in multiple colors.

Dynamic Discs Classic Hard Judge

This is a classic disc design from Dynamic Discs and a favorite for many players.  Weighing 170-176 grams, it is made from classic plastic — with a tacky outer covering a stiff body.  It is easy to control, flies straight and glides for long distances.  A great choice for players of all skill levels.

Innova XT Nova Paul McBeth 4x Signature Disc

Innova is one of the leading manufacturers of disc golf equipment.  The Innova XT Nova is an extremely durable disc with a soft grip covering a firm disc plate.  The soft rim absorbs impacts and helps the disc stick the landing instead or rolling in the wrong direction.  It has excellent controllability and is the perfect choice for novice and expert players alike.  It is available from 150 to 175 grams.

Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach

The Innova DX Aviar is an excellent disc for players of all skill levels.  It is cheap, reliable and surprisingly durable.  Made from DX plastic, it is a firm disc with excellent controllability.  Innova say that this disc is one of their best sellers, which is not surprising.  It has a small bead to give it some additional flight time and measures 21.2cm in diameter.  It is the perfect putter or approach disc.

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